t4a-logoA new way of travelling with T4A

“When we needed to establish who we really are, YB held up the mirror and came back with a great summary of our core values and a statement of our identity. These were the foundations for future marketing efforts.”
Johann Groenewald, Managing Director

Tracks4Africa (T4A) is the first community mapping company in the world, providing the most accurate and up-to-date travel information and maps of sub-Saharan Africa in formats ranging from printed maps and travel guides to electronic GPS maps and smartphone apps. They make self-drive travelling to Africa’s remote places easier. They continue to explore better ways to travel by road and assist the serious traveler to discover and navigate the African continent.

YB assisted T4A in unpacking their unique brand and value proposition to create a brand manual that guides decisions, with a specific focus on bridging the gap between technical expertise and consumer needs. YB provided social media training and strategic guidance and also assists with the visual branding of T4A in advertising and at events.