Vintage Ideas Market

Social Media
  • Client
  • Date 02-07-2018

The client puts on a festival each year for lovers of vintage items that instil a feeling of nostalgia. They needed a logo for the festival and a social media campaign to get the message out there and notify people that the festival is the best place for them. Their website required a stronger online presence, so they needed a social media presence that would attract prospective visitors to go to their website and buy tickets to the festival.


We sat down with the client and had a chat about their social media campaign. After having a photo shoot of some of the items on display, we went away with a good idea of the emotions they wanted to convey, and the style they were aiming for.


We decided to have a campaign on social media to alert the public to the wonders of the Vintage Ideas festival. Our logo design illustrated the theme of the festival for 2018. Our campaign posted on social media twice a week, featuring 3 photos of vintage items and a quote that helped direct the audience.