King Tree Logo Design

Brand Creation, Brand Focus, Design
  • Client King Tree
  • Date 06-09-2016
Core Fruit needed a brand name and logo under which to market their premium South African fruit in the Asian market. The challenge was to find a name that communicates the right message, yet is unique to the suppliers.

In consultation with associates based in China, we settled on a direction that emphasizes a sense of the place of origin of the product. To convey this sense of place, we incorporated elements evocative of Africa into the logo designs. After a presenting various name and logo options the name Kingtree and its signature colour palette was selected.


The logo depicts an elephant reaching for a fruit from a tree. It is very unique and truly African. The elephant is a charismatic animal and a symbol of strength and quality, which is exactly what we needed for the association with a premium product. The bright colours are representative of freshness.