Danneline Ramsden Website

Web Design, YB Social Club
  • Client
  • Date 03-05-2019

Danneline Ramsden, well-known Namakwaland storyteller and word artist, lives to bring joy and laughter through her stories. To bring her stories to a wider audience and get online, Danneline required a professional website that would exhibit her energetic storytelling technique and feel completely “Danneline”.


Danneline signed up to YehBaby’s newest offering, the YB Social Club. This gives entrepreneurs, celebrities and small businesses professional websites and social media content support at affordable and convenient payment plans. As a member of the YB Social Club, Danneline was able to choose from template options, provide all the information she needed for her website and communicate to YB exactly what she needed for her site, with our team helping her along the way.


Danneline is now discoverable online, with a simple and beautiful website, enabling her to update her audience on new performances and bring across her love of storytelling. Danneline also received a basic brand mark, a sunflower that is as vibrant and warm as she is. You can see Danneline’s full website at www.danneline.co.za