Cape Fynbos Gin

Social Media
  • Client Cape Fynbos Gin
  • Date 02-07-2018

Cape Fynbos Gin is a small batch, handcrafted, copper-distilled gin, infused with 33 sustainably hand-harvested botanicals, mostly fynbos. The client required an online campaign to associate their product most closely with the term ‘Cape fynbos gin’. They also wanted to be discovered by specific interest audiences, both in South Africa and Denmark.


The brand is essentially family-owned, and we were inspired by their dedication to their craft and the intricacy of their product. The core brand values are centred around the love of nature and the dedication to craftsmanship and we were motivated to create a campaign that highlighted these values, while establishing them as the alpha product in the craft Fynbos gin market.


Our two month long social media content campaign interpreted the love of nature and dedication to craftsmanship for specific interest audiences. This was supported by Facebook and Instagram advertising and Search Engine Optimization on to help new customers discover the product online. It resulted in excellent brand engagement and discovery of the product not only by consumers, but also by potential retail outlets.