Breede Care Logo

  • Client
  • Date 11-09-2018

Breede Care, the home-based care service provided by Breede River Hospice, is focused on caring deeply and ensuring the best quality of life for all those in their care. To reflect this focus, the client wanted to redesign the logo. Clients who receive home-based healthcare from Breede Care aren’t always comfortable being associated with a hospice. The client wanted a new logo, emphasising life and hope, but that was not totally removed from the Breede River Hospice logo, because Breede River Hospice is the provider of the service.


YehBaby supported the client’s selfless work by redesigning the logo as a social investment. They wanted the care logo to become more separate from the hospice, while keeping the colours from the previous logo design. We experimented with various shapes and associations until we came up with the perfect representation of kindness, care and symbol of life.


The butterfly is a representation of life and hope. Set in an elegant and contemporary design, this emphasises the high quality of life that anybody can have, no matter their age. The butterfly icon design provides a strong visual element that makes the logo both recognisable and unique.