Bonnievale Wines Dusk and Dawn

Brand Creation, Event Marketing
  • Client Bonnievale Wines Dusk and Dawn
  • Date 06-09-2016

Finding a unique name for two new entry-level perlé wines that resonates with the brand story of Bonnievale Wines. A new brand means a large investment of time and money, so picking the perfect brand name is of the essence.


Bonnievale is a picturesque town known for its rolling hills and incredible views. It is the kind of place city-dwellers escape to for the weekend. The brand names Dusk for the rosé and Dawn for the white kept it light in the character of the wines while echoing the natural breathtaking natural beauty of the area.

The name was launched to the public with a coastal roadshow during the summer holidays when everyone flocks to the beaches of South Africa.


A unique brand name that is very memorable and hard to copy. It is fun, in keeping with the more accessible nature of the wine, but still fits into the main character of the Bonnievale Wines brand. The range has since grown to include three wines and is very popular with wine drinkers.