Bloom Logo Design

  • Client
  • Date 05-07-2018

When Core Fruit decided to relaunch their Bloom brand with a new attitude, they approached YB for a logo facelift. The goal was to bring the international quality fruit brand back to its African roots.


Bloom represents quality fruit produced in Africa, and we decided to use African wildlife to evoke that for its mainly Chinese target consumer. Hundreds of animals have been used in logos, and our challenge was to find one that could look unique and striking while still evoking romantic images of Africa. We decided to use a giraffe, an animal that is seldom seen in logos and is striking and distinctly African.


The Bloom logo features a running giraffe, which brings a dynamic feeling. The core colours (red, blue and yellow, with an outline in gold) evoke the beautiful landscape of South Africa. The red brings to mind the African sunset, blue is a symbol of clear skies and water, while yellow reminds one of the bright sun. The gold outline adds an impression of quality. Altogether, the new logo shows the customer that Bloom values its origins, the quality of its products and has a deep appreciation of nature.