fc-logo-webA famous brand to a wide audience

“YehBaby has an in depth understanding of the Four Cousins brand that is unique. They make sure we have a solid footing online that is in line with our marketing goals and keep on inspiring with fresh ideas.”
Bonita Malherbe, Brand Manager

Four Cousins has been the biggest bottled wine brand in South Africa for years. The brand was launched in 2000 by Van Loveren Vineyards with its iconic 1.5 l natural sweet rosé as an easy drinking option for the South African lifestyle. The brand story is grounded in reality, featuring the four Retief cousins who originated and still runs the brand and who have extended it into various product categories.

The brand is both exciting and challenging in that it has such an incredibly wide demographic appeal. Many people welcome ‘the cousins’ as part of their extended family, and social media lets them stay connected to the brand they love, share their views and be part of a community that knows few bounds.