Namakwaland storyteller finds her audience online.

“Do you know how powerful it is to be able to say to people “go look at my website”? The way YehBaby did it, as a team, was amazing. And it’s so professional!”
– Danneline Ramsden, storyteller and word artist

Danneline Ramsden is a well-known storyteller and word artist that shares traditional Namakwaland stories as a form of laughter therapy. She has performed to sold-out audiences at festivals and on her own tours of South Africa and Namibia for years.

As a member of the YB Social Club, YB helped Danneline establish a professional online presence for her exuberant and enthusiastic personality. She received a website that exhibits her warm personality, showcases her upcoming appearances and simplifies her bookings, all with the convenient and affordable YB Social Club payment options.