05 Jun

Entrepreneur success story: how local business people inspired a community to build a ‘miracle school’

Take a few local entrepreneurs with a vision of a better future and unshakable faith and passion. Add the backing of a community, united as never before. What you get is an unusual entrepreneur success story. This success story made the prestigious Jakes Gerwel Technical High School (JGT) rise in record time on the threshold of a poor neighbourhood in the Western Cape town of Bonnievale.

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24 Jul

Inspired by 67 minutes of service

Volunteering to help out a local animal rescue operation on Mandela Day 2014 brought inspiration from an unexpected source for the YehBaby Digital Creatives team.

When we drove up a bumpy mud road towards an informal settlement outside Paarl to give 67 minutes of our time in honour of Madiba, the last thing we were expecting was to meet a fellow entrepreneur with a story that has brought him to the attention of national media outlets.

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19 Jun

Brands and the New Normal (and the very important role of social media!)

Have you heard about the new normal? Well you’re experiencing it right now. The challenges of modern life has shifted and so have the needs of consumers.

So where does the brand fit into the new normal? In a world as price sensitive as this one of 2014, will most consumers still look at the brand in the same way? Or will they rather buy the item that is half the price and promises to fulfil the same need as the branded product?

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13 Feb

Do something!

Among our fathers, brothers, neighbours, political representatives, colleagues, employees, friends and connections there are men and boys who see women and children as lesser beings. Who think that they are entitled to do absolutely anything to women and children, just because they feel like it.

How can we live peacefully with that knowledge?

Do something!

Silence is complicity for South Africans faced by a crisis of violence against women and children.