30 May

About Us


YehBaby Digital Creatives is an online brand management studio. We are the support team you need.

 We help businesses and entrepreneurs reach their customers online, enhancing brand value and driving business. We also provide content marketing and platform management support to agencies and PR’s.

With a background in visual communication and brand journalism, we are able to cover a wide spectrum of online marketing and brand management needs. Our team has the skills to make your business stand out in the crowd.


Clients tap into our expertise in brand management & direct-to-customer marketing through our personal, hands-on approach.

We provide convenient brand management support that is ideal for growing businesses.

Our background in visual communication and brand journalism enables excellent content marketing.

We have a list of happy clients stretching back to our founding in 2010. While the team has grown considerably, we still provide a hands-on approach to each client’s business goals.



We value quality and originality, and aspire to give our clients the best. This is what drives each member of our team.


Our focus is on connecting brands and products to their potential fans through online platforms. The internet enables incredibly powerful and cost-effective targeted marketing. We unlock this power for you.


We love contributing to the growth paths of passionate entrepreneurs and businesses. We’re the support team that helps you win. We’ve got your back.

06 May

A BIG voice for small brands

One of the great things about social media is that entrepreneurs and medium businesses can be equally as visible and effective there as the big guys with the big budgets.

In fact, the smaller players often use social media much more effectively because they have more genuine and compelling stories to tell.

YehBaby tells the stories of a number of medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs in South Africa on social media, operating as an outsourced content marketing, community management and social care agency.

Sometimes the depth of audience involvement with our brands move us, and sometimes we are amazed at how far these platforms allow the brands’ messages to travel.

This graphic shows the reach and quantity of interactions we had on behalf our brands during the past month. The quality of the interactions are harder to depict, but doing that will be our challenge for next month!

YehBaby Digital Creatives: A small agency using social media to give a BIG voice to clients

24 Jan

Social media: the Frankenstein effect

The social media revolution has not only taken the power to decide who gets heard out of the hands of the traditional media platforms. It has also put a powerful Frankenstein conglomeration of a marketing tool into the hands of marketers.

What has become clear to us from representing a variety of clients on social media is this: Telling an engaging brand story while taking full advantage of all that the medium offers, takes a multi-disciplined team. Or exceptional synergy between your teams. Or an extraordinarily versatile individual.

Here’s what we think you should be using your social media platforms for, if you’re doing it to the max …

Social media, advertising, client liaison,  PR, story telling, brand marketing

Are you accomplishing all of this with your social media presence?