06 Aug

Food For Mzansi

Sharing the untold stories from South Africa’s farmers.

“Whilst there are many digital agencies out there, very few can boast YehBaby’s digital prowess. With YehBaby as Food For Mzansi’s digital partner, we were able to build a groundbreaking brand – proudly South African, but also a force that can be reckoned with internationally. YehBaby is unapologetically client-centric. Their strategies for content development are unparalleled. Thank you, YehBaby!” – Ivor Price, co-founder of Food For Mzansi

Food For Mzansi is South Africa’s first agricultural lifestyle platform, started by the Farmers4Change initiative. It shares the untold stories and lifestyle-improving info from South Africa’s farmers, agri-preneurs and agri-professionals – the people who put food on our tables and keep many communities alive.

YB created the brand look and feel and built a sleek, fully adaptive website to present Food For Mzansi’s stories in the most user-friendly way possible. We also helped share their message by creating and implementing unique social media strategies and online marketing strategies.

06 Aug


Namakwaland storyteller finds her audience online.

“Do you know how powerful it is to be able to say to people “go look at my website”? The way YehBaby did it, as a team, was amazing. And it’s so professional!”
– Danneline Ramsden, storyteller and word artist

Danneline Ramsden is a well-known storyteller and word artist that shares traditional Namakwaland stories as a form of laughter therapy. She has performed to sold-out audiences at festivals and on her own tours of South Africa and Namibia for years.

As a member of the YB Social Club, YB helped Danneline establish a professional online presence for her exuberant and enthusiastic personality. She received a website that exhibits her warm personality, showcases her upcoming appearances and simplifies her bookings, all with the convenient and affordable YB Social Club payment options.

04 Oct


Making a complicated offering clear

“YehBaby has grown with us being part in shaping our identity . We will forever have YehBaby in our DNA!”
Coen Pretorius

Linked is an international digital supply chain company. Although their offering is at the cutting edge of technology and their service world-class, they keep their brand friendly and approachable.

YehBaby worked with them to unpack the offering visually, making it easier to understand and less intimidating. A warm approach to their personnel is evident in the unique avatars and icons that emphasizes the contribution of each team member.

01 Sep

Tracks 4 Africa

t4a-logoA new way of travelling with T4A

“When we needed to establish who we really are, YB held up the mirror and came back with a great summary of our core values and a statement of our identity. These were the foundations for future marketing efforts.”
Johann Groenewald, Managing Director

Tracks4Africa (T4A) is the first community mapping company in the world, providing the most accurate and up-to-date travel information and maps of sub-Saharan Africa in formats ranging from printed maps and travel guides to electronic GPS maps and smartphone apps. They make self-drive travelling to Africa’s remote places easier. They continue to explore better ways to travel by road and assist the serious traveler to discover and navigate the African continent.

YB assisted T4A in unpacking their unique brand and value proposition to create a brand manual that guides decisions, with a specific focus on bridging the gap between technical expertise and consumer needs. YB provided social media training and strategic guidance and also assists with the visual branding of T4A in advertising and at events.