21 Mar

In case you missed the YehBaby Social Club Launch Event

Entrepreneurs, business owners and even a few celebrities attended the official launch of the YB Social Club launch event on Thursday, 21 February 2018. The launch, held at Kikka Boulevard in Paarl, included a talk on personal branding by TV Presenter and media personality Ivor Price, as well as a short description of what the Social Club is and why it is relevant in today’s online world.

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05 Jun

Entrepreneur success story: how local business people inspired a community to build a ‘miracle school’

Take a few local entrepreneurs with a vision of a better future and unshakable faith and passion. Add the backing of a community, united as never before. What you get is an unusual entrepreneur success story. This success story made the prestigious Jakes Gerwel Technical High School (JGT) rise in record time on the threshold of a poor neighbourhood in the Western Cape town of Bonnievale.

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19 Jun

Brands and the New Normal (and the very important role of social media!)

Have you heard about the new normal? Well you’re experiencing it right now. The challenges of modern life has shifted and so have the needs of consumers.

So where does the brand fit into the new normal? In a world as price sensitive as this one of 2014, will most consumers still look at the brand in the same way? Or will they rather buy the item that is half the price and promises to fulfil the same need as the branded product?

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06 May

A BIG voice for small brands

One of the great things about social media is that entrepreneurs and medium businesses can be equally as visible and effective there as the big guys with the big budgets.

In fact, the smaller players often use social media much more effectively because they have more genuine and compelling stories to tell.

YehBaby tells the stories of a number of medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs in South Africa on social media, operating as an outsourced content marketing, community management and social care agency.

Sometimes the depth of audience involvement with our brands move us, and sometimes we are amazed at how far these platforms allow the brands’ messages to travel.

This graphic shows the reach and quantity of interactions we had on behalf our brands during the past month. The quality of the interactions are harder to depict, but doing that will be our challenge for next month!

YehBaby Digital Creatives: A small agency using social media to give a BIG voice to clients