25 Mar

Inspired by words: Sweet

Sweet – if you close your eyes and think of the word sweet, I am sure the images start flowing in: childhood memories, a party, a person, bright colours, pastels, your granny, roses, a warm winter kitchen… read more

27 Aug

What inspires you?

Everyone draws their inspiration from somewhere. Whether it’s from doing something good or wearing your best piece of clothing, we all have something that makes our creative juices flow!

Our designer, Rae, is a Batman fanatic as seen in the pic.

We challenge you today to wear something ‘different’ and see if it sparks your creativity.

19 Jun

Brands and the New Normal (and the very important role of social media!)

Have you heard about the new normal? Well you’re experiencing it right now. The challenges of modern life has shifted and so have the needs of consumers.

So where does the brand fit into the new normal? In a world as price sensitive as this one of 2014, will most consumers still look at the brand in the same way? Or will they rather buy the item that is half the price and promises to fulfil the same need as the branded product?

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06 Nov

There’s inspiration all around (It’s the little things that count)

It’s easy to succumb to bad habits (and then) setting aside projects or putting them off because you’re too busy or not inspired enough to take the necessary steps to get back your creative “mojo”. In this blog post it’s all about what can assist you to find your creative spark and how you can make use of what is at your disposable, from paper to plastic and from words to notes! What works best? Well, anything really.

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