22 May

Twitter ads: Déjà vu all over again


Trying to catch up to Facebook in social advertising, Twitter now also targets smaller brands and businesses in South Africa.

Twitter has thus far mostly focused its ad sales efforts on large, corporate accounts. However, its ad sales partner in Africa, Ad:Dynamo, has now appointed a representative to focus on local wineries. They are wooing small and medium-sized businesses onto the platform to use the Twitter advertising options.

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24 Jan

Social media: the Frankenstein effect

The social media revolution has not only taken the power to decide who gets heard out of the hands of the traditional media platforms. It has also put a powerful Frankenstein conglomeration of a marketing tool into the hands of marketers.

What has become clear to us from representing a variety of clients on social media is this: Telling an engaging brand story while taking full advantage of all that the medium offers, takes a multi-disciplined team. Or exceptional synergy between your teams. Or an extraordinarily versatile individual.

Here’s what we think you should be using your social media platforms for, if you’re doing it to the max …

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Are you accomplishing all of this with your social media presence?