21 May

#ChardonnayDay, Yay!

What a great day the YB Digital team had when we joined in the international celebration Chardonnay Day. Not only did we salute one of our personal favourite wine varietals, but we promoted the extraordinary scope of Chardonnays produced by the member wineries of our client, Paarl Wine Route.

Paarl Wine Route represents about 30 wineries in the eponymous region of the South African Winelands. Their members include some of the oldest and most innovative wineries and wine brands in the country.

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20 May

Success starts with measurable goals

Imagine running a marathon with no indication of where the 42km mark is. No race can be run without knowing where the finish line is. The same principle applies when you’re setting goals you intend to reach. We know that evaluating a social media campaign, like any campaign, is key to finding out whether your goals have been reached. Measuring the success of the campaign should be a priority from start to finish. Deciding what eventual success will look like the planning phase will guide you to conceptualise a more measurable campaign. Defining your goals are a necessity in reaching them:

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29 Apr

Three Amazing Ad Campaigns

When last did you experience an ad that gave you goose bumps or inspired you to do something? With so many ad messages flooding our brains, it’s truly difficult for one to stand out or seem meaningful.

Here are the three brilliant ads we’ve recently come across that left us speechless.

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21 Sep

Good design inspires more

Have you seen the online ads for The Loerie Awards 2013? Those familiar with this blog and YehBaby Digital Creatives Facebook, will agree that there are some striking similarities between our corporate look and the look chosen for this ad campaign.

Which only goes to show, you don’t have to be big to inspire the best of the best!

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