22 Jun

9 golden rules to get more conversions for your brand’s digital marketing.

We all want to waste less time and get a higher conversion rate with your marketing efforts. In our ten years in the digital marketing space we’ve gained some wisdom, which we’ve distilled down to YehBaby’s golden rules for the digital marketing of brands online.

People who work in social media marketing know how challenging it can be in such a dynamic and ever-changing online environment. Use these 9 golden rules to save time and get more conversions.

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30 May

About Us


YehBaby Digital Creatives is an online brand management studio. We are the support team you need.

 We help businesses and entrepreneurs reach their customers online, enhancing brand value and driving business. We also provide content marketing and platform management support to agencies and PR’s.

With a background in visual communication and brand journalism, we are able to cover a wide spectrum of online marketing and brand management needs. Our team has the skills to make your business stand out in the crowd.


Clients tap into our expertise in brand management & direct-to-customer marketing through our personal, hands-on approach.

We provide convenient brand management support that is ideal for growing businesses.

Our background in visual communication and brand journalism enables excellent content marketing.

We have a list of happy clients stretching back to our founding in 2010. While the team has grown considerably, we still provide a hands-on approach to each client’s business goals.



We value quality and originality, and aspire to give our clients the best. This is what drives each member of our team.


Our focus is on connecting brands and products to their potential fans through online platforms. The internet enables incredibly powerful and cost-effective targeted marketing. We unlock this power for you.


We love contributing to the growth paths of passionate entrepreneurs and businesses. We’re the support team that helps you win. We’ve got your back.

19 Jun

Brands and the New Normal (and the very important role of social media!)

Have you heard about the new normal? Well you’re experiencing it right now. The challenges of modern life has shifted and so have the needs of consumers.

So where does the brand fit into the new normal? In a world as price sensitive as this one of 2014, will most consumers still look at the brand in the same way? Or will they rather buy the item that is half the price and promises to fulfil the same need as the branded product?

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20 May

Success starts with measurable goals

Imagine running a marathon with no indication of where the 42km mark is. No race can be run without knowing where the finish line is. The same principle applies when you’re setting goals you intend to reach. We know that evaluating a social media campaign, like any campaign, is key to finding out whether your goals have been reached. Measuring the success of the campaign should be a priority from start to finish. Deciding what eventual success will look like the planning phase will guide you to conceptualise a more measurable campaign. Defining your goals are a necessity in reaching them:

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