Understanding your brand – from your perspective and from that of your clients – is essential to understanding your business. Entrepreneurs often have more pressing business issues to focus on in the day-to-day building of their business.
YB can assist you to look critically at your brand and help determine goals for the brand that supports your business goals.

Our brand focus sessions have proven valuable to entrepreneurs who need a fresh perspective on their brand and business – helping them turn their brand into a better tool for building the business.

Creating a brand can be one of the most difficult steps in the marketing strategy process. For many businesses this is the biggest challenge. By developing a strong identity companies are creating possibly the biggest asset of their business.

At YB we don’t believe brand development initiatives need always be a grand scale investment. The most cost effective key to unlocking the power of your brand lies in understanding your specific company or product goals and finding the most effective and creative way to communicate with your target market.

YB has created new product brand names (Oceanwise, King Tree, Bonnievale Wines Dusk & Dawn), but also contributed to the brand stories of existing brands (Fiver, Bonnievale Wines and Tracks4Africa).

Not only has social media become crucial to marketing events, but it also plays a significant role in consumer experience. It has inspired a new level of marketing creativity.

While social media platforms allow brands to ‘walk the talk’ consistently in the eyes of their consumers, social media activations allow the consumers to physically interact with this online brand personality. If it is done correctly, this intersection of on- and offline life can be thrilling for the consumer and make a very valuable brand impression for the brand.

Social media event marketing is an intensive process driven by a specific goal over a limited time period. It is ideal for online brand launches, festival activations, competition drives and to support PR activations.

YB has launched several products online and have marketed and run online events and real-life social media activations with great success.

Hand in hand with social media content marketing, influencer marketing is a powerful tool with which to spread your brand story. It could be called online PR and is essentially about networking with niche opinion makers to drive your brand’s message to an interest group market. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead inspire the influencers that these consumers trust to spread the word for you.

Our influencer campaigns generally have an online and social media component, whereby influencers are encouraged to spread the word via their online channels. YehBaby assists in building and maintaining these vital online connections for your brand. It is important that these are revisited continuously to test their appropriateness and value.

With the rise of online advertising has come the ability to target advertising to a pin point that would have been unthinkable a decade or two ago.

As part of our social media capabilities YB executes advertising campaigns on social media platforms as well as Google advertising. We assist you in setting up your audiences and search ad campaigns and provide high-quality creative – all you need to make this advertising cost effective.

While e-commerce is still in its infancy in South Africa, research by World Wide Worx shows that it is gaining momentum. For many companies and brands online is already a significant additional sales channel.

An online shop is a great way for smaller businesses to access a wider customer base. YB can help you set up your e-shop and action a strategy to help you sell.

Success with online sales is the product of targeted and consistent effort. It is a balancing act of doing the right thing at the right time without distancing the customer with spam. YB has a great team to keep the messaging momentum going and the creative juices flowing.


Many companies know how important social media marketing is, but struggle to find a practical and effective way to harness the medium on a day-to-day basis.

Social media has changed drastically since it became a noticeable force in 2004. It has gone from an easy to use tool for all to a highly technical and creative space within which brands compete for the attention of their customers.

YehBaby offers a unique service that allows clients to tap into our expertise in online story-telling, social media marketing and analysis. We can provide technical support to an in-house social media officer and to the brand manager they report to. We’re the social media support team who can provide content and design backup, guide strategy and monitor execution.

We can tailor a solution to your specific support needs

A lot of work goes into developing a great website, but even the best websites are never completely done.

Whether it is updating team members, campaign messages or fixing technical glitches, there is always something that needs to be done. A site should also be re-evaluated at least once a year to stay current with style changes and online best practices.

YB’s combination of communications and content expertise with technical web skills enable us to keep your content current and the site functioning well.

Content Marketing is very effective when done right. Treated as a strategic part of your marketing plan it can build a strong brand, generate leads and contribute towards marketing research

By no means is it a new concept, but through the explosion of social media applications and the overall influence of your brand’s online presence in consumer choice, it has become crucial element of how your brand or business is perceived.
Social media platforms are often where consumers seek you out to make contact.

Get your content on social media right and you enable meaningful conversations and create a connection to your brand, with people who care.

Social media marketing is a relatively new way to market and is constantly changing and growing with users. It has opened up communication between consumers and brands like never before, offering incredible opportunities to brands and consumers alike.

Social media marketing has altered the relationship between buyer and seller drastically. It has put the consumer in a powerful position at the center of a brand’s identity and even product development choices. This presents incredible opportunities if harnessed and brought in line with the brand’s marketing strategy. If not, your brand will be left out in the cold.

YehBaby believes in developing strategic social media strategies that tie into your brand’s complete online strategy as well as off-line market activations.

YB’s comprehensive strategic social marketing service includes:

Social strategy setting
Content generation
Platform management
Monitoring and social care

Sentiment monitoring is available as an optional extra.

In today’s information rich environment where consumers are bombarded with advertising messages, it has become important to sell the company as much as the product. Consumers want to know whom they are buying from. The relationship with the company goes beyond the obvious exchanges of buyer and seller into a more personal one. They want to identify their lifestyle with the values of the company through the brand story. They are interested to know who works for the company, what the office culture is like and what dreams the company have for the future.

Newsletters are the perfect format for this kind of messaging. YehBaby can assist in the messaging strategy and align it with your larger marketing strategy.

The client supplies the database and YB can advise and assist in growing the proprietary company databases through different contact points with potential customers.

Blogging can be an effective SEO tool to bring visitors to your website, and, eventually, turn them into customers. It’s also an opportunity for companies to keep consumers informed about their products on their own ‘news’ platform.

Blogging is an excellent way to drive momentum on your social media platforms.

YB edits and manages the content of blogs as part of a client’s greater brand and content strategies.


Great design comes from understanding a brand truly well.

The YB team invests a lot of care to be true to the different brands we work with. It is important for us to invest the initial time with each brand to get under its skin and craft a look that is unique and spot-on.

We believe in building long term relationships with brands to help them speak to the right target market.

The website is the core of any brand’s online strategy. Websites should work in conjunction with other online platforms to present the brand consistently and completely.

YB consults and develops meaningful websites, whether online brochures or fully e-commerce enabled sites.

We specialize in web-architecture and layout, the fundamentals of a successful website. YB also works in conjunction with web-developers of client choice.

Video has become a vital element of a brand’s online story. In a constant deluge of new video content reaching the internet every day, each brand needs to be exceptionally creative to catch the consumer’s attention. To be an effective marketing tool, video also needs to be meaningful to both the consumer and brand.

The strength of video is that it seems closer to real life. Whether the approach is humorous, informative or fun it doesn’t always need the most expensive solution to tell the story.

YB can take care of your video content needs. We produce cost-effective short videos for your social platforms in-house and can facilitate your longer form, HD video production.