21 Mar

In case you missed the YehBaby Social Club Launch Event

Entrepreneurs, business owners and even a few celebrities attended the official launch of the YB Social Club launch event on Thursday, 21 February 2018. The launch, held at Kikka Boulevard in Paarl, included a talk on personal branding by TV Presenter and media personality Ivor Price, as well as a short description of what the Social Club is and why it is relevant in today’s online world.

“The YB Social Club is the result of months of behind the scenes work to build a bespoke platform to not only inspire and educate entrepreneurs, but to create a meaningful brand for networking opportunities,” says YehBaby owner and creative director Ronelle Louwrens.

Why the YB Social Club?

The YB Social Club is aimed at entrepreneurs, small businesses and personalities. In the current business landscape, getting online is more important than ever. If you aren’t discoverable online, you’re missing out on many business opportunities. People choose who to trust and do business with based on online research, checking out websites and social accounts.

Having a website is the most important part of ensuring your brand is visible and discoverable in an online market, but building a website can often break the bank. With the YB Social Club, you can build an online brochure for your business or your brand without the extra costs involved. For a small monthly fee, your business can have a beautiful, functional, on-brand website to direct your customers to.

The majority of South Africans are on Facebook, which is still the largest social media platform in South Africa, so Facebook is the first place any business or brand personality needs to be visible. Ensuring that your content is structured, consistent and on-brand is vital to your success. Our team of marketers, designers and social media experts create posts that ensure you stay consistent, so that you can focus on bringing your personality to your platforms.

With the YB Social Club, we want you to become the expert. That’s why we offer an up-skilling programme that allows you the opportunity to learn about marketing, branding and social media, so that you can become the specialist. Weekly mailers offer quick, efficient tips and tricks that you can implement immediately, while monthly articles give you the chance to dive deeper into the what, where, how and why of online. Not only that, but the YB Social Club will have regular workshops, talks and events, hosted by our experts or online influencers and marketers, that Social Club members will have access to for free.

The YB Social Club is a way for you get ready to be found online easily and inexpensively.

You can sign up to the YB Social Club here.

If you missed out on the launch, you can take a look at some of the photos of the event down below.

27 Nov

Creating the perfect brand

Your company needs a memorable and beloved brand to succeed. Your brand is your most valuable business asset and can turn potential customers into lifelong ambassadors. Creating the perfect brand is one of the things we love best, and it is much more than just a fancy logo and a targeted advertisement. A successful brand must be solid yet innovative, both in communication and experience.

If you are wondering where to start, use these guidelines, tried and tested by YehBaby over 15 years as online marketing specialists.


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22 Jun

9 golden rules to get more conversions for your brand’s digital marketing.

We all want to waste less time and get a higher conversion rate with your marketing efforts. In our ten years in the digital marketing space we’ve gained some wisdom, which we’ve distilled down to YehBaby’s golden rules for the digital marketing of brands online.

People who work in social media marketing know how challenging it can be in such a dynamic and ever-changing online environment. Use these 9 golden rules to save time and get more conversions.

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05 Jun

Entrepreneur success story: how local business people inspired a community to build a ‘miracle school’

Take a few local entrepreneurs with a vision of a better future and unshakable faith and passion. Add the backing of a community, united as never before. What you get is an unusual entrepreneur success story. This success story made the prestigious Jakes Gerwel Technical High School (JGT) rise in record time on the threshold of a poor neighbourhood in the Western Cape town of Bonnievale.

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18 May

Reaching and Engaging Millennial Audiences – Private Workshop in Hyderabad, India

millennial workshop Eenadu Ramoji Film City Hyderabad India ETV Bharat
A quote taken from Micaela Valderama's blog, used in the workshop

“The Indian millennial audience definitely shares much of the international Generation Y mindset, although it is expressed in a culture that is much less influenced by American and Western popular culture than in South Africa. We were able to share some insights into the underlying mindset and some techniques to help content creators tap into this.”

Kobus Louwrens, our strategy director, presented a workshop on reaching and engaging Millennial audiences with Ivor Price, award-winning columnist and TV personality, presented for WAN-IFRA South Asia. 24 delegates from Eenadu, ETV Bharat and other digital products from the Ramoji Group attended the two-day workshop . This energizing and informative workshop was presented at the Eenadu HQ in the Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, on 23 and 24 April.

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