18 May

Let your audience invite you past their ad-blockers

The proliferation of ad-blockers is no surprise. Ads that invade our browsing experience annoy, disrupt or full-on creep out all of us. This is why YehBaby still emphasizes organic social reach as a way past the ad-blockers.

In a recent US survey on consumer sentiment towards online ads, 53% of respondents reported using ad-blockers. More than 30 percent disliked online ads. The main reasons for the negativity are “ads slowing page-load times, irrelevant ads that repeated and ads taking up too much screen real estate”.

In a recent SA survey on ad-blocking by Effective Measure, 13% of respondents reported currently using ad-blockers. The survey quotes US ad-blocker use as 26% and Australian as 27%. The expectation is that SA will follow that trend is an understandable worry to online publishers and other businesses that rely on online advertising revenue.

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08 Dec

YB’s trends predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year when we must look at the future trends, even while we fight the last 2016 deadlines.

Of course, the world of online marketing is rather unpredictable and 2017 is sure to hold many wonderful surprises. Looking back on what worked in 2016 tick, there are clear indications of what can become even more influential in 2017.

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15 Aug

Inspiration Makes All The Difference

Our Creative Director, Ronelle Louwrens, spoke at Paarl Wine Route‘s Paarl Wine Challenge awards ceremony. This is what she said about inspiration:

“When YehBaby was asked to speak, the first thing that came to mind, of course, was digital media and wine tourism. These are the things we at YB work with every day of our lives: finding interesting reasons for people to visit your cellar door or purchase your wine via online channels. Just about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. read more