22 Aug

Seth Godin on Story Marketing

Marketing renaissance man Seth Godin was the guest on one of our favourite podcasts – Building a Story Brand – recently. The entire interview is excellent, but Godin’s view on the role of story in marketing made us want to raise our hands and exclaim “PREACH”!

It gels perfectly with the sense of mission we feel in the content branding we do for clients on social media. Our goal is to interpret brands for their target audience. We create a mosaic of messages that make it clear to the target market how the brand can fit into their lives. Success is when the audience knows, likes and trusts the brand content enough to invite it into their news feeds and the brand into their lives.

Miller and StoryBrand uses the basics of story-telling to encourage marketers to not so much tell a story as invite customers into the brand narrative. “For 2000 years story has helped us understand how the human mind works, what people are attracted to, what they’re willing to pay attention to,” he says on the podcast.

At 8:55 into the podcast, Donald Miller of StoryBrand asks Godin: “How do you perceive story and how does it fit into today’s marketing culture?”

Here’s Godin’s answer in full:

“My take is this: when people are buying things, they’re looking for 1000 cues and clues. They’re looking for anything from facial expressions to how it reminds them of their grandparents.

But when people are selling things, all of a sudden, they become RFP-obsessed, checklist-making feature people. And that’s not how we buy things. So why are you selling things that way?

We don’t actually buy the cheapest of anything, or buy by most measures the best of anything. When we choose something, when we recommend it, when we miss it when it’s not there, we’re buying it as a human, not a computer. And what we want more than anything is to buy it from someone we trust, who wants what we want, who is going to make the change happen in the world that we seek.

And it’s too challenging for most marketers to get their arms around that because they lack empathy. They lack the humility to realize that they have to do more than just show up with pretty good stuff at a pretty good price. They have to make magic, they have to be a ring leader, a host. Not just a talk-show host but an impresario, a maker of magic.

And it turns out once you’ve figured that out its one of the great jobs, one of the great opportunities. But you can’t blink. You have to lean into it and do it on purpose.”

12 Jul

A fresh logo design for a vintage event

We recently refreshed the logo design of one of our favourite lifestyle festivals.

Marketing the Vintage Ideas festival was great fun, especially as it is a wonderful event that I attend yearly. It takes place close to Cape Town, between the winelands towns of Paarl and Franschhoek in South Africa. Exhibitors, selected by style icon Wilna Rabe, come to Simondium Country Lodge from all over the country. Visitors get a four-day curated experience of vintage and eclectic goods, great food and wine.

Our reworked logo design for the Vintage Ideas festival inspired his stunning cake which was displayed at the event.

Our reworked logo design for the Vintage Ideas festival inspired his stunning cake which was displayed at the event.

Every year the festival has a unique theme. This year the organisers approached us to adapt the logo design, which features an illustrative crown, to the theme of ‘Days gone by’.

The words “Days gone by” conjure up feelings of warmth and nostalgia. To evoke this feeling with the viewer we chose white on red polka dots as a graphic theme. The additional benefit of the dots is that they appeal to a wide age group.

Have you ever chatted with your parents or grandparents about childhood experiences? Then you’ll know that the cost of items “back then” always tend to come up. To have fun and express the theme more clearly, we included vintage-style price tags featuring low prices and old currencies.

To bring additional colour and contrast to the majority red in the logo icon we introduced a wreath of yesterday, today and tomorrow flowers. It adds texture and shape to the final logo.

Lastly, we included the theme text ‘Those were the days’ in the logo design using a font that is modern, but that brings to mind a vintage feel. The words in red balance the red colour in the crown.

We have since worked on the logo for the Vintage Festival’s sister event, Afro-French. You can see some of the logo options as well as the final one selected by the client on our Facebook page.

18 May

Let your audience invite you past their ad-blockers

The proliferation of ad-blockers is no surprise. Ads that invade our browsing experience annoy, disrupt or full-on creep out all of us. This is why YehBaby still emphasizes organic social reach as a way past the ad-blockers.

In a recent US survey on consumer sentiment towards online ads, 53% of respondents reported using ad-blockers. More than 30 percent disliked online ads. The main reasons for the negativity are “ads slowing page-load times, irrelevant ads that repeated and ads taking up too much screen real estate”.

In a recent SA survey on ad-blocking by Effective Measure, 13% of respondents reported currently using ad-blockers. The survey quotes US ad-blocker use as 26% and Australian as 27%. The expectation is that SA will follow that trend is an understandable worry to online publishers and other businesses that rely on online advertising revenue.

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08 Dec

YB’s trends predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year when we must look at the future trends, even while we fight the last 2016 deadlines.

Of course, the world of online marketing is rather unpredictable and 2017 is sure to hold many wonderful surprises. Looking back on what worked in 2016 tick, there are clear indications of what can become even more influential in 2017.

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